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WWE Samoa Joe Championship Collection Figurine

WWE Samoa Joe Championship Collection Figurine

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  • Bringing destruction in the clutch, Samoa Joe combines raw strength and surprising grace that allows him to change the game mid-match and turn the tables in his favour.
  • Known as Submission Special Samoa Joe, no one can escape his signature clutch. With or without a title, Samoa Joe is one of the most dangerous threats to anyone in WWE.
  • This fantastic metal resin Samoa Joe figurine captures the strong Superstar with his towel around his shoulders, looking mean and giving the Hawaiian shaka hand gesture.
  • The figurine is masterfully hand-painted and stands at almost 5 inches tall on a ring style WWE base!
  • This fantastic figurine comes with an officially approved 16-page magazine. Written by WWE experts, the magazine takes a look at Samoa Joe's career, his greatest matches, signature moves and the history of the WWE organisation.
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