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Tiamat Plush Kreeptures by Killstar

Tiamat Plush Kreeptures by Killstar

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One does not need to be the size of a dragon, to have the soul of a dragon.

- Soft, luxe plush.
- Embroidered detailing.
- Two heads.
- Mystical purple eyes.
- Shiny purple detailing.
- Scaled effect fabric.
- Faux leather detailing.

Let your heart glisten with our "Tiamat" Plush toy. This Kreepture of chaos stands at 32cm/12.5" of huggable scaled plush. With embroidered detailing, shimmering purple undertones, faux leather wings and horns they are the perfect addition to any otherworldly family. Perfect for gifting, or best of all, for yourself!

Suitable for ages 3+

Limited, but not numbered. Get it while you can!

with KREEPTURES Branding. 100% Polyester. CE Approved.

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