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Full Moon

Puppet Master Torch 1:1 Replica

Puppet Master Torch 1:1 Replica

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Each “original series” replica is handmade, every stitch of fabric is tailored and scaled to be a recreation of the rod puppets used in the iconic film series, PUPPET MASTER. Each replica comes with a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity and a metal display stand.

Made of wire frame and foam construction with artist-sculpted resin head, hands & boots. Clothing is cut from real cloth with tailored accessories.  Own your favorite puppet replica with high quality construction and attention to detail!

PLEASE NOTE: Each replica is an individual and unique collectible; final product may vary slightly. Fabrics are subject to availability, and may be substituted with a comparable fabric. Clothing is not meant to be removed. As these products are handmade and hand-painted there may be small variations in the construction and the paint-job. Replicas are NOT meant to be bent or played with. Bending the arms, legs, head or body may result in damage to the replica

Material Cloth, Resin
Height 12-14 inches
Width 5-7 inches
Weight 3-4 pounds


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