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Marvel Wooblies Crazy Arena

Marvel Wooblies Crazy Arena

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Marvel Wooblies are fun collectable figures that spin, topple, bobble and even “wooble” but will always stay standing using magnetics to uphold their superpowers. 

The Wooblies Crazy Arena is the ultimate battle of the Wooblies, even including a launcher to make for an awesome shot!

With 50 figures to collect make sure you have all of your favourite Marvel characters in your collection. The perfect item to keep any Marvels fan entertained, play games or complete challenges with your Wooblies.

The Wooblies Crazy Arena contains three Wooblies, one Ultra Rare Wooblie and four collection cards! 

Suitable for ages 3+ years.

  • Battle your Wooblies with the Crazy Arena
  • They spin, slide and wooble!
  • 50 to collect
  • Play games or complete challenges with Wooblies
  • Suitable for ages 3+ years.
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