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Giant Microbes

Liver Organ Giant Microbes Plush

Liver Organ Giant Microbes Plush

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Of the major internal organs, the liver is the only one that can regenerate – from as little as 25% of its mass! It is also the largest internal organ.

This adorable plush representation of the human Liver provides a fun, hands-on-way to learn about health and your largest internal organ and its critically important functions. Our Liver is super loveable, cuddly and makes the most memorable get well gift for loved ones post surgery or illness.

Give good feelings to those with Hepatitis, Cirrhosis or other conditions. Unique gift for family, friends, scientists, doctors, students, Hepatology professionals, health experts and anyone with a healthy sense of humor. Features detailed stitching, high quality materials and includes an educational printed card with fascinating facts about this incredible organ.

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