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IT (2017) SS Georgie Crystal Clear Picture 32cm

IT (2017) SS Georgie Crystal Clear Picture 32cm

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  • Wall pictures with motifs from the movie "IT" based on the novel by Stephen King
  • Printed on wood that has been overmoulded with synthetic resin for a crystal clear effect
  • Two different versions available
  • Eyelets on the back allow stable wall mounting with screws, nails or strong, double-sided adhesive tape (not included)
  • Official licensed product

The horror novel "IT" by Stephen King from 1986 occupies a very special place in (horror) literature and has certainly spoiled the fun of many a clown's job. Meanwhile, even brought on screen several times, the nameless monster is probably known to everyone. The "It" that haunts the small town of Derry every 27 years and murders children usually appears in the form of a clown named Pennywise. This is partly because no one can see its true form, let alone comprehend it with their minds, and partly because hardly anything can attract a child better than a harmless clown handing out balloons.

Stephen King always manages to captivate his fans so much in his novels that they pull the covers over their heads and never want to leave the house again for fear of all the evil that lurks there. And now you can find this exact gruesome evil in our shop to decorate your home with. Crazy, isn't it? But these artfully staged scenes from the 2017 movie are quite aesthetically pleasing! Stephen King's "IT" Crystal Clear Pictures are printed on wood, which is then covered in resin, creating the stunning effect of a crystal clear image.
They come in two different versions, both of which allude to parts of the beginning scenes of the movie where little Georgie meets "It" in the form of Pennywise:


  • One image shows the meeting of Georgie and Pennywise, who hands the little boy a balloon in a seemingly harmless gesture. The words "You'll float too" already give a hint of the horror that follows this scene...

  • In the other picture, the paper boat SS Georgie rocks on shimmering

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