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Ebi Shrimp Sushi Palm Pals Plush

Ebi Shrimp Sushi Palm Pals Plush

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Introducing Palm Pals Ebi Shrimp Sushi Soft Toy, the latest addition to Aurora's most popular Palm Pals Collection, is a soft and cuddly plush toy filled with beans that fit perfectly in your hand. The plush toy is designed as a smiling rice ball with a prawn on top, made of high-quality white and pink materials.


Palm Pals Ebi Shrimp Sushi Soft Toy is part of the Palm Pals Craving collection, which is just one of the many wonderful collections offered by Palm Pals like Aquatic, Pets, Zoo, Sports and many more. They all are super gorgeous and irresistibly cute. 


Suitable from Birth. Palm Pals Ebi Shrimp Sushi soft toy measures 13cm. These gorgeous and irresistibly cute toys make great gifts for any occasion whether it is for a birthday or as a general gift, everyone will fall in love with this adorable smiling rice ball soft toy. This is a hugely collectable range. 


As part of our Eco-Friendly initiative, Palm Pals Ebi Shrimp Sushi Soft Toy comes with inner fibre fill and beans made from recycled plastic materials. Our hangtags are recyclable and cloth labels are made from recycled materials. Aurora World is an industry leader with over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality plush products.

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