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Attack on Titan: Final Season Monopoly

Attack on Titan: Final Season Monopoly

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The final season of the thrilling Attack on Titan Anime comes to life in this new version of the classic Hasbro board game MONOPOLY. Based on the final season, but faithful to Attack on Titan seasons 1-4, this is the perfect piece of Attack on Titan Merch to accompany the box sets of fans of Eren Jaeger, Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun or Mikasa Ackerman everywhere. Collect the military Attack on Titan flags, as well as civilians and Titans as you travel around the board using one of 6 unique tokens including the Omni Directional Mobility gear and the Attack on Titan Sword. Build Walls and Gates, and take a chance with the ancient civilisations of Marley and Eldia cards as you admire the Attack on Titan Posters in the board centre. Paradis Island could be yours, in this thrilling new game.


Key Features:

  • PERFECT FOR ATTACK ON TITAN LOVERS: This new Attack on Titan edition of Hasbro's classic board game Monopoly is perfect for 2–6 players and makes a great gift for fans aged 8 and up
  • INCLUDES 6 METAL TOKENS: choose from tokens including the wagon, key, mobility gear, flare gun, sword, cannon
  • UNIQUE GAME BOARD featuring the Attack On Titan characters
  • BUILD YOUR ATTACK ON TITAN EMPIRE: Buy up colour sets and use your bespoke money to expand your empire
  • WILL YOU OUTSMART YOUR OPPONENTS? Watch out for custom Marley and Eldia cards, which could help or hinder your chances of success!


Additional Information:

European Article Number (EAN):  5036905053846

Product Item Code:  WM04214-EN1-6

Product Dimensions:  270mm x400mm x52mm

Suitable Age:  8+

Number of Players:  2-6

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