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Aliens Chrysalis Alien Figure

Aliens Chrysalis Alien Figure

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Arachnoid is a specialized pure-bleed variant of the Drone Xenomorph. Arachnoids were created specifically for ambushing prey, with the ability to remain motionless in a curled up postion for days. Arachnoids can wait for the perfect opportunity to strike, once engaged. The Arachnoid Horde explodes with fury, using their specialised legs to jump higher and run faster than any other Xenomorph type, instandly closing in on their target from all sides......

The classic 1994 arcade game Aliens vs Predator predates the AVP movie, but what if…? NECA presents the mashup you’ve been dying to see!
The unique Alien adversaries seen in the video game get the movie treatment, with new deco imagining their look had they been included in the subsequent movie. The figures use the super-poseable Ultimate body, with over 30 points of articulation and bendable tail. Figures stand approximately 9″ tall and come in collector-friendly window box packaging. Ages 16+.
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