About us

Our history is currently being detailed, in the meantime our business group includes:

Professional People Group

Professional Protection Group

UKopia Wildlife 

poeticpenguin Group

Pop Patrol Group

PopCon Events


We are an Autistic-owned business and believe in people over profits. Over 50% of our profits are donated to charitable and community projects. 

Future Plans:

In the coming months, we hope to be able to:

Open our first two Kawaii Killmonster stores 

Create and showcase our first themed fairground attraction

Announce our first Pop! Con Event for 2024

Announce an exclusive licensing deal for our own line of merchandise from a movie 

Create our own unique licensed character 


Group Contacts:

Frog Forest - 

Kawaii Killmonster - hello@kawaiikillmonster.co.uk

poeticpenguin Group - info@poeticpenguin.com

PopCon Events - 

Pop! Patrol - info@poppatrol.co.uk

Professional People Group - enquiries@professionalpeoplegroup.com

Professional Protection Group - 

UKopia Wildlife Group - 

Vomit on it! -